Khashoggi set for surprise Kenna appearance

MISSING journalist Jamal Khashoggi is expected to make a shock appearance at the Kenna League transfer window on Friday (19 October).

Turkish authorities alerted news outlets to Khashoggi’s disappearance earlier this month with allegations of undercover involvement by a Saudi Arabia government unhappy with the journalist’s criticism of the regime.

Sources inside Kenna HQ contradict that narrative.

They claim a set of CCTV stills proves beyond doubt the journalist was kidnapped by the Kenna HQ manager experiences department, a notorious wing of the fantasy football league’s apparatus involved in blackmail, kidnapping and ‘wet work’.

It is thought Khashoggi is set to make his debut as a Titus Bramble forfeit player at Friday’s window.

Khashoggi will join Jimmy Savile, Barry Bennell, Ian Brady, Rolf Harris, Harold Shipman and Stuart Hazell as a Bramble player, the others being released by managers ahead of today’s noon player release deadline.

A source at the Saudi consulate concurred with the Kenna HQ account in quotes cited reported by Al-Jazeera: “Khashoggi did visit the consulate but left via the back door. There were a few guys outside, he talked to them and then they got into a Hertz rental car. One of the guys looked a lot like Emanuel Pogatetz.

“Like we said, it’s just a total coincidence the Saudi consul decided to redecorate his residence afterwards.”

In a statement earlier, the Kenna chairman said: “To think the Saudis would abduct and murder a man on foreign soil just because he criticised the regime. How ridiculous! What’s next: Russian spies unleashing nerve agent in English cathedral cities?

“Anyway, we’re really getting our money’s worth out of that Saudi Arabia bunting we bought for the Kharine World Cup.”

A total of 18 players were released by managers today (below). As usual the auction spendthrift Dynamo Charlton manager takes the biggest war chest into the transfer window: £37.5m.

Khashoggi style – alternative journalist disappearance in pictures

Biggin Hill Airport – A private plane registered to Kenna HQ is spotted preparing for take off the night before Khashoggi’s disappearance.

Khashoggi - plane
Ataturk Airport, Istanbul – Members of the Kenna manager experiences department, including Clint Dempsey and Emanuel Pogatetz, are seen being waved through airport security.

Airport security - Khashoggi

North London – Jamal Khashoggi seen arriving at Kenna HQ this week under the watchful eye of manager experiences department ‘muscle’.

Consulate - Khashoggi

Released players and remaining budgets

*indicates a manager absent from the auction receiving the average remaining budget

Manager Releases Remaining budget Remaining budget (inc. bonus) Auction attendance
Dynamo Charlton Hernandez (WHU, ST) 27.5 37.5 Present
Dulwich Red Sox None 19.5 29.5 Present
Lokomotiv Leeds Fabinho (LIV, MF), Bonatini (WLV, ST) 18 28 Present
Dark Lord Clyne (LIV, DF) 11.5 21.5 Present
Sporting Lesbian Guaita (CRY, GK), Kongolo (HUD, DF), Schar (NEW, DF) 9 19 Present
Dagger’n’Redbridge None 8.5* 18.5 Absent
The treasurer Balogun (BTN, DF), Joselu (NEW, ST), Perez (WHU, ST) 8.5* 18.5 Absent
Pikey Scum None 8.5* 18.5 Absent
Newington Reds Phil Jones (MUN, DF), Mawson (FUL, DF), Andre Gomes (EVE, MF) 8.5* 18.5 Absent
Test Team None 7 17 Present
JPF Lovren (LIV, DF), Moses (CHE, DF), Niasse (EVE, ST) 7 17 Present
Craving Cottaging Ian Brady (BRM DF), Stuart Hazell (BRM, DF), Delph (MCY, MF), Gabbiadini (SOT, ST) 7 17 Present
Piss Poor None 6 16 Present
Fat Ladies Herrera (MUN, MF), Puncheon (CRY, MF) 4.5 14.5 Present
Mo Me The Mane Barry Bennell (BRM, MF), Rolf Harris (BRM, ST) 3 13 Present
Cowley Casuals Fredricks (WHU, DF), Lichsteiner (ARS, DF), Fred (MUN, MF) 3 13 Present
Chairman None 2 12 Present
Still Don’t Know Yet Batshuayi (VAL, ST), Romero (MUN, GK) 1.5 11.5 Present
Clotted Cream First Lanzini (WHU, ST) 1 11 Present
Young Boys Heaton (BUR, GK), Harold Shipman (BRM, MF), Llorente (TOT, ST) 0.5 10.5 Present
The Pirate Danilo (MCY, DF), Besic (MID, MF), Wilshere (WHU, MF) 0.5 10.5 Present
Magpies None 0 10 Present
Fadges Christiansen (CHE, DF) 0 10 Present
Tottenham Network Solutions Jimmy Savile (BRM, MF) 0 10 Present
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‘Sham slut’ rule set to wake up next Friday’s window

TUMULT is expected at next Friday’s Kenna transfer window when a new ‘sham slut’ rule will be imposed for the first time.

Rather than the evening disintegrating into a beery haze of meandering signings and unkept promises of all-night drinking in Bermondsey, transfer dealings are set to cease when an old alarm clock sounds at 10pm.

The new rule is likely to cause disarray with canny managers who prey on their competitors’ lack of moderation. And of course, the Pirate.

“Managers will have exactly three hours from 7pm to sign players through the traditional auction method. Once the alarm clock sounds there will be no more sales,” warned a Kenna HQ statement.

“Anyone who hasn’t made their signings before the window ‘shams slut’ will have their side auto-filled”, a tactic working quite well for the Pikey Scum manager, Kenna HQ failed to add.

Kenna table – week 8

Kenna table week 8 - 9 October 2018
Kenna table week 8 – 9 October 2018
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The ballad of Aaron Lennon

RECORD numbers of managers in the Kenna League this season means pickings will be their slimmest ever in the first transfer window two weeks on Friday.

Predictably, the best-performing available players combined would be top of the league and come from unfashionable clubs like Cardiff, Huddersfield and Wolves.

Available XI – 260 points

Etheridge – Cardiff goalkeeper – 23 points

Otto – Wolves defender – 31 points
Holebas – Watford defender – 30 points
Bennett – Wolves defender – 26 points
Wan-Bissaka – Palace defender – 23 points

Billing – Huddersfield midfielder – 22 points
Hughes – Watford midfielder – 21 points
Costa – Wolves midfielder – 20 points
Knockaert – Brighton midfielder – 26 points
Lennon – Burnley midfielder – 24 points

Ward – Cardiff striker – 14 points

Wolverhampton in particular enjoy overrepresentation among Kenna managers, no fewer than three Wulfrunians compete this season – Reds, ‘Pies and Casuals.

Even though eleven Wolves were signed in August, three are still at large awaiting vastly inflated price tags at the Kenna window on Friday 19 October.

But one available player name from Burnley stands out above the rest.

Aaron Lennon.

The winger has recovered from his personal problems to be a surprise package in the Kenna this season with 24 points already.

That’s two points less than Lokomotiv Leeds players Alexis Sanchez (£30m) and Alvaro Morata (£25m) put together.

Managers can anticipate to dig deep for Aaron Lennon, despite his patchy Kenna history.

Lennon burst into the Kenna off the back of World Cup appearances in 2006.

Vazmanian Devils paid a whopping £21.5m for the domestic services of the diminutive Yorkshireman following the international tournament, only to finish last in the league.

(Incidentally, only two players to feature in the Kenna that season were signed this summer: Jermaine Defoe and Cesc Fabregas. Rob Green remains unsigned.)

Lennon’s highlight of the rest of the noughties was a 2nd place finish with Recreativo Brockley in May 2008.

Since then the winger’s most notable contribution to the Kenna was a £14m signing for This is Sparta…Prague in 2013, where he ended up in a midfield with Jesus Navas, Jozef Fritzl and Jeremy Forrest.

TIS…P finished the season 20th, one place above the relegation zone.

It’s one of many lower table finishes Lennon has enjoyed in his Kenna career.

But with little on offer at the transfer window in two weeks, Aaron is bound to be snapped up.

The question is: will he continue to perform or will he leave his new manager stranded on the roadside?

Aaron Lennon’s Kenna career

August 2006 – £21.5m to Vazmian Devils (finished 9th – last)

August 2007 – £3m to Recreativo Brockley (finished 2nd)

August 2008 – £7m to the chairman (finished 9th)

August 2010 – £15m to Deportivo Kensington (finished 9th)

August 2011 – £10m to FC Testiculadew. Released in October and bought by Hairy Fadjeetas for £8.5m in February 2012. FCT won the double, Fadges finished 17th.

August 2012 – £8.5m to Greendale Rockets (finished 17th)

August 2013 – £14m to This is Sparta…Prague (finished 20th)

August 2014 – £3m to Still Don’t Know Yet (finished 18th)

August 2017 – £0.5m autofill to Judean Peoples’ Front. Released on October and signed in February 2018 to a desperate Young Boys manager for £13m (finished 12th).

Kenna table – week 7

Full scores available from The Rub.

Kenna week 7 - 2 October 2018
Kenna week 7 – 2 October 2018
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