This is Sparta…Prague 2013/14

Forrest: The This is Sparta…Prague manager

Manager: Rich (Coventry)

Twitter name: @Richevatt

Since: Debut

Sympathies: Coventry City/Manchester United

Darts music: Grange Hill theme

Outlook (on 23 August 2013): Like Sideshow Bob in a car park full of rakes, the This is Sparta…Prague manager walked into every trap going in his debut auction. Snared by the Titus Bramble ruling not once but twice, it’s lucky his midfield has Jesus on it’s side, although it could be argued that Josef Fritzl shows promise in the holding role and Jeremy Forrest has proven ability to snatch one in the early stages. Aaron Lennon will clearly be the passenger.

While it’s yet to be seen whether the Suarez gamble pays off, Danny Welbeck has kicked off the campaign in sparkling form. The back five look capable and, apart from the aging Riise, were all handed starts in their first game.

Whether by folly or design, the Sparta manager was the thriftiest at last weekend’s auction, and takes a commanding war chest into the first transfer window in October, where he will begin the task of rebuilding his team to escape relegation.

Unfortunately for the rangy guitarist, his transfer kitty won’t be enough to take out a superinjunction disassociating himself from one of the nation’s most high-profile paedophiles for the rest of his Kenna career.


(B) denotes forfeit player awarded under the Titus Bramble ruling.

Westwood, K SUN £3m
Luiz, D CHE £15m
Figueroa, M HUL £4.5m
O’Brien, J WHM £3.5m
Riise, J FUL £0.5m
Fritzl, J (B)   £16.5m
Lennon, A TOT £14m
Navas, J MCY £10m
Forrest, J (B)   £8.5m
Welbeck, D MUN £2.5m
Suarez, L LIV £0.5m

First transfer window – 5 October 2013

Did not attend. League membership under review.

Second transfer window – 7 February 2014

Did not attend. Final written warning.

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