Reds manager fails to defend Kenna title despite promises

Oxford Reds failed to win the back-to-back Kenna titles, finishing eighth 12 months after promising to ‘defend the title with honour’.

After vowing not to buy players ‘the likes of Kurt Zouma and Nathan Collins’ in the 2022/23 auction, the Reds manager proceeded to buy Kurt Zouma for £1m and Nathan Collins for £0.5m.

Many have said ‘I told you so’ after questioning the manager’s ability to perform back-t0-back titles after the Reds franchise moved from London to the south Midlands.

Barry Town won the Kenna for first time in four seasons of competition.

With the Covid Cup a casualty of supply chain issues linked to the pandemic recovery and the invasion of Ukraine, the Clotted Cream First manager could be the last ever Kenna cup winner.

Kenna season 2022/23 – Manager of the Month

Full scores available in The Rub.

Prize money

Barry Town – £190 (Champions: £150, MOTMx4: £40)

Young Boys – £70 (Runner up: £50, MOTMx2: £20)

Chairman’s XI – £25 (third place)

Pikey Scum – £10 (Wenger Trophy)

Test Team – £10 (MOTM)

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