The 2012 Emmanuel Olisadebe auction ahead of Poland/Ukraine
The 2012 Emmanuel Olisadebe auction ahead of Poland/Ukraine

These pages chart the latest developments in the Kenna League – London’s leading pub-based fantasy football competition.

Founded in 2005, the league convenes in a London pub ahead of each English football season for managers to buy eleven players at auction.

Alongside the league table, every week offers a glimpse into the world of the Kenna, from the latest intrigue at league headquarters to the daily challenges of managing the modern professional footballer to the effects of several pints of premium lager on an empty stomach.

The league is named after former Republic of Ireland international defender Jeff Kenna, after his assured performances during the Indian summer of his career at Kidderminster Harriers, the Kenna chairman’s team.

League philosophy

The Kenna offers an experience that differs from other fantasy football competitions.

Rather than having the constant chore of updating your team each week and playing tens of thousands of anonymous competitors, the emphasis is placed on the pre-season auction in early August.

A highlight of the league calendar, the auction puts managers face to face in a competitive arena.

Decisions made during those five hours in the pressure-cooker atmosphere have ramifications throughout the campaign.

Mistakes can lead to disquieting outcomes.

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