The Friday Poll: Deadline day deals

Wednesday’s scramble brought a mixture of well-known experience and fresh talent to these shores.

Which one of these exotic players will adapt to the climate of ‘the best league in the world’ and which will be the next Helder Postiga?

Select who you think will have the most points by the Kenna November transfer window.

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The Friday Poll: Arsenal goalkeepers

The Friday Pole
Stanisław Zbyszko - The Friday Pole

Goalkeepers are spread around the Kenna quite evenly, with the exception of those from Arsenal.

Despite last season’s wayward performances, two managers have opted for a Polish shot stopper.

FC Testiculadew’s Wojciech Szczęsny has impressed so far, while Polonia Forsyth’s Łukasz Fabiański has watched from the bench.

However, the unpredictable predictability of ‘the professor’ means that anyone could be brought in before the month is out.

So who will score the most points by May?

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The Friday Poll: Who’ll be the biggest flop?

The Friday Pole
Stanisław Zbyszko - The Friday Pole

Stevie G was last season’s biggest disappointment, fetching £34m and stumping up just 12 more points than the Brambler.

This summer’s auction resulted in fewer big-money buys, but always holds the promise of an equally disenchanting performance.

Ahead of tomorrow’s big push, pick who you think will be the most underwhelming player of the term below.

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The Friday Poll: Who’ll be the big money signing?

The Friday Pole
The Friday Pole

As managers choose their likely targets for the impending auction, who will be the players on everyone’s minds?

Last season Didier Drogba went for a Kenna record-breaking £47m. Seven other household names went for over £30m with varying results.

So who will attract the biggest price tag this time around?

The chalkstripes in Kenna HQ speculations department have selected a likely bunch to choose from below.

If you think it’ll be someone other than this, take the option to add them in.

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The Friday Poll: Tevez or Fabregas?

The Friday Pole
Stanisław Zbyszko - The Friday Pole

The word ‘wantaway’ crops up every summer to the chagrin of the Kenna manager.

With the auction taking place three weeks before the end of the transfer window, there’s always a risk of blowing the budget on a ‘top, top, top, top‘ player for him to do one before the season has even begun.

In no time has the risk been higher than now, with captains Cesc Fabregas and Carlos Tevez both heavily tipped to either leave, be frozen out by their manager or fly to Luxembourg at half time

So with the potential for either player to stay in England and rack up a Kenna-winning points total, which player is more likely to go for the most money at auction?

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Left back in the wilderness

The Friday Pole
Stanislaus Zbyszko - The Friday Pole

With only one player allowed from each Premiership club good players are often left unsigned.

Despite being in the top ten points scorers in defence, Zabaleta and Lescott both finished last season as free agents.

So as the ranks of Manchester City’s back line swell over the summer, who will be left without a Kenna home to go to?

In last week’s poll, Stevie G was voted most likely to be the top-priced Liverpool midfielder at auction.

What a Kop out.

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Which Liverpool midfielder will go for most money at auction?

In the only concrete football news this week, Liverpool finally bought Charlie Adam.

Now they have all these new options in midfield, and considering that Raul Miereles picked up more goals and assists than the fading Stevie G last season, the chalk stripes and Rolexes in Kenna HQ speculations department are pondering which midfielder will pick up the biggest price tag at auction.

Although still in the Midlands, Stewart ‘ showdown talks’ Downing has been included only because everyone except McLeish wants him to be there.

And so the first edition of what’s hoped to be a weekly fixture begins: The Friday poll.

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